How it works?

Import - Create - Update - Delete Google Contacts from Google Sheets™

Install the Sheet2Contact

Click here and install Sheet2Contact
Go to Google sheet > open your Spreadsheet,
Go to Extension menu> Add-On> Get add-On
Search "Sheet2Contact" and install the add-on

Enable Sheet2Contact

Go to Extension > Sheet2Contact> Refresh
This is to enable this add-on for that sheet

Note: If only help menu is showing then just refresh the sheet and if that not worked then Email us

Import Google Contacts™ to Google Sheet™

Got to Sheet2Contact Menu and Click 👉 Sync with Google Contact™

Which this All the data from your Google Contacts will comes to this sheet in related columns. If more than 1 data in same field then they are joined by "|".


Now you have all contact data in sheet. You can...

Edit Existing Contact

To edit details of existing contact, just go to respective row and edit in that cell.

Create New Contact

To create a new contact, add data to a new row in the relevant columns. Make sure no value in "Contact ID" column of that row.

Delete Existing Contact

To Delete a Existing contact then choose 'Yes' in the 'Want to Delete?' column. Make sure in "Contact ID" column of that row not empty.

Sync the changes

Once you're done editing, it's time to sync your sheet with your Google Contacts. 

Got to Sheet2Contact Menu and Click 👉 "Sync with Google Contact" 

and Your changes will be synced with Google Contact

After this, don't forget to re-import your contacts using the 'Import Contact from Google Contact'. 

This final step ensures that all your changes in the sheet are correctly synced with your Google Contacts.

🙏 Now, It's Your Turn 🙏 

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your experience with the add-on, such as its ease of use, speed, and accuracy.